high school camp

The Lord’s Turn

September 15, 2023


We see more life change at camp sometimes than we can see in an entire year of ministry. Camp really is where everything changes. But where God stands to do a mighty work there also is Satan working to destroy it. Before camp all three of our vehicles had something go wrong, putting them in the shop and then, the night before campers arrived, a storm knocked out trees, power and internet. Trees were down all around the county and the internet never really came back.

Students came with a school year of hurt, and a toughness built up in them. Young men struggling with inadequacy, others dealing with divorce in their family. One was facing the reality of possible eviction when he got home. The hurt and trauma was real.

But then it was the Lord’s turn. Campers arrived to camp in buses borrowed from another chapter. Our program team maneuvered around having no internet. And on night one in my cabin the guys started to open up – you have to know this does NOT happen on night one, especially with teen guys – but something was different. Young men opening up and sharing their hearts in tears. In deep confidence we spoke of deep hurt. Yet, even in sharing deep hurt they went about trying to have some fun while at camp. Our time at camp is very intentional, we spend time in leisure and fun. We spend time in club learning about who God is and in cabin time discussing what we are learning and going through. We share the life-changing Gospel. On the last night these tough guys were hugging, promising to be there for each other. And in the morning of our last day they witnessed one of their cabin mates getting baptized.

I don’t know why I am surprised at what the Lord did in 5 days? He’s already shown us what he could do with six!