Small Steps Lead to Great Journeys

August 29, 2022


During this time of uncertainty and not being able to be on school grounds we have to depend on God to bring us new students, students that do not know him. Typically, Campus Life would be at the school having club, inside the cafeteria at lunch, and volunteering, and that would allow us the opportunity to meet new students each week. But, right now we pray. We pray and ask the Lord to stir our students’ hearts to invite their friends. This summer that is exactly what happened.

One night at our weekly small group one of our students showed up with four friends. Three of those friends had no real idea about Jesus or what He had to say about their life. One of those friends was Abby*, and since coming to small group she has joined us for small group every week, attended four day trips, and joined us for camp! In that time, we’ve had the chance to pour into her and share who Jesus is. We’ve gotten to learn her story, tell her what God thinks of her, and let her ask questions. Questions like, does my life really have purpose? And does God really hear my prayers? Does God really want a relationship with me? At camp she let us know that she’s definitely interested in learning more about Jesus but not quite ready to ask Him to be her Lord and Savior. We celebrate this because before camp, she wasn’t very interested at all. We are excited to continue connecting with Abby* throughout the school year and watching her grow in her relationship with the Lord. Small steps lead to great journeys, and we are believing this will be true of her journey with God!