The Spider and The Wasp

August 27, 2022


This summer we went on a nine day mission trip to Honduras. Our team consisted of sixteen high school students and seven adult leaders. While there our purpose was to work with YFC Honduras and a local school, doing needed updating and leading a sports camp. Each night we had a time of worship and devotion with our team and the local community. On the last night, I shared a story about a camp director who noticed something in the corner of the room at camp. There in the corner was a spider web, with a wasp that had flown into the web. He watched as the spider got just close enough to lasso its silk thread around the wasp and wrap it up in its webbing. The wasp was helpless, and it needed a savior. In sharing that story with local teachers and our students, I was hoping to encourage them and remind them that “God is not unjust; he will not forget their work and the love they have shown him as they have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10.

As I thought of the devotional for our last night, one of our student’s came to mind. This student, Caleb*, told us more than once that he wasn’t ready to receive Jesus as Lord of his life. Throughout the week I could tell that Caleb* was struggling, like that wasp in the web. For the wasp, there was only one who could save him, the camp director! But the director was so caught up in what he watched, and he really didn’t like wasps nor spiders. Luckily for us we serve a God that doesn’t get caught up in worldly things like wasps and spiders. After several days of teaching and pouring into Caleb*, he realized he was hopeless, just like the wasp and needed someone to save him. That night Caleb* asked Jesus to his Lord and Savior!