Greater Greensboro Youth For Christ

Our Story - 75 Years In The Making

Jesus shared the Gospel through story, so we share our story and listen to their stories—to every story

Since 1944, Youth For Christ has had a distinctive history of youth ministry. Beginning in dozens of cities at the end of World War II, YFC quickly organized into a national movement, with Billy Graham as one of its earliest leaders. Greater Greensboro Youth For Christ was born out of a youth rally that Graham preached on May 6th, 1946 in Greensboro. Two years later, on May 25th, 1948, the Greensboro YFC Rally was incorporated as Greater Greensboro Youth For Christ.

For 75 years Greater Greensboro YFC has been ministering to youth in our community. One of YFC’s slogans over the years has been, “Anchored to the Rock, Geared to the Times.” While the means and methods to reach students have changed throughout the years, YFC has retained an unwavering commitment to reach young people wherever they are.


Cassie's Story

Pivotal Moments

From starting at a new school to becoming a parent, from choosing a job or a college to moving for the first time or the 10th time, from experiencing loss or trauma to spending time in a juvenile institution —11-19 year olds face some of the most pivotal moments of their lives; moments that can shape their entire story.

Shaping Our Story

We know how a pivotal moment can shape a story, because we’ve been through them ourselves. We also know that young people experiencing pivotal moments often feel over-looked and under-served, walking through their story without someone in their corner.

Unwavering Commitment

Since 1944, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to meet 11-19 year olds in pivotal moments, and to introduce them to the hope of Christ. From holding rallies with Billy Graham in the 40’s, to entering campuses to reach students in the 60’s, to now empowering community leaders to build meaningful relationships with young people everywhere—it’s our aim to walk with young people through their story, and to be the friend and mentor that we’ve longed for ourselves.

Uncovering God’s Story of Hope

When we welcome God into a pivotal moment, we invite Him to uncover His story of Hope in our lives, and to give life to our story. He is the life in all of our stories

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