GGYFC’s Annual Sharing Banquet 2024


April 16th, 2024 6 – 9 PM
The Imperial Ballroom at Koury Convention Center

Can you believe it?

It’s banquet time already! Last year, we celebrated 75 years of GGYFC, and this year we are just carrying on the celebration – 76 years and going strong. Our time of connection from 6 to 7pm has been such a highlight for our staff and guests that we are continuing it again this year. If you or your guests missed it last year, I highly recommend you experience it this year. It is a wonderful time of connecting with partners who have been with us for years as well as getting to know new partners. Unquestionably the highlight of the time is having the opportunity to meet and engage with our students — after all they’re the reason we do what we do.

Our theme for this year is Where Everything Changes and we believe that, if you can meet and engage with our students, the mission will change for you, from just a good organization that you support, to a needed movement that you are helping affect change in 11-19 year olds, both in their present and for their future.

This year, we will be bringing back the photo booth and offering an interactive opportunity to get to know our students and the sites where we are actively engaged in ministry. You’ll get an inside look at what goes on during a Campus Life and City Life event. It is sure to be a fun time for everyone!

On behalf of the staff, our board of directors and our students, we look forward to seeing you there!

**If you would like to attend please call our offices (336.274.9641) and ask for Anne or Lindsey

Who will be speaking this year?

In years past we have hired a speaker to come and share, but this year you will get the special treat of hearing directly from the heart of the ministry – our staff, board members, volunteers and students. Last year we asked for your feedback about our Annual Sharing Event and many of you shared the desire to hear from us more and we are listening! We want to share all that God is doing through Greater Greensboro Youth For Christ and we agree the best way to do that is through the hands and feet of those working daily to walk the mission forward.

It is our hope that you will get an even better look at how we are impacting the lives of the next generation in a fun and engaging way. Our staff is growing and is full of personality so it is sure to be a night to remember. Take a moment to get to know our team the way their co-workers know them!

Aaron Stokes is our Executive Director and fearless leader, constantly willing to go into battle with and for us💯. Louis Chaney is our Ministries Director and designated delegator👊🏽. Our Campus Life team is made up of: Samuel Doster (our designated UNC fan👣), Aaron Brewer (our designated State fan🐺), Tanner Grindel (our deemed Duke fan by way of his wife💙), Amy Austin (our resident Florida Gators fan🐊), Shea Welborn, (spelled s-h-e-a like the butter🧈) and Jordan Russell (our baking guru🎂). Our City Life Director is Tabitha McLaughlin (the queen of a hug🥰) and Anne Barts is our Administrative Assistant and our go-to for all things being grammatically correct✅, and lastly, Lindsey Gray is our Community Engagement Coordinator, she’s gluten-free (there’s always one😉).